Stories Behind the Recipes: Refectory Cafe’s Cranberry Apple Pie

Just in the time for the holidays, Refectory Cafe’s Founder and CEO Laura Hall discusses the inspiration for the Cranberry Apple Pie that is sure to please a crowd. pie

Refectory Cafe’s Cranberry Apple Pie recipe can be found on page 194 of Taste of Tobacco Road

What is your inspiration behind the Refectory Café’s Cranberry Apple Pie recipe?

Laura: Fall, Home, Family, and Thanksgiving

How has being located in Durham shaped this recipe, or any of your cooking and baking?

Laura: Our customers appreciate traditional, unpretentious desserts that focus on quality ingredients and freshness.

This looks like the crowning dessert at any Thanksgiving table… Any special tips for baking this pie at home?

Laura: Patience is any bakers best friend, waiting until the juices thicken when baking will yield a more flavorful pie that is easier to cut and plate.

Has this dish ever been offered in the café? Or is this something special from the chef or owner?

Laura: Our pastry chef Rosa Redel has been with The Refectory Café for 13 years.  Our customers can order anything on our rotation to take home or just have in the pastry case when they choose to dine with us.  By the piece or the pie our guests get the option.

Would you recommend serving this with anything?

Laura: Whipped cream and coffee are personal favorites.  Butter pecan or Caramel ice cream would be amazing.